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How to clean the leather sofa

How about a black leather sofa? In the current family life, most people have sofas in the family. The sofas are divided into leather sofas, fabric sofas, and other kinds of sofas. Of course, the most common ones are leather sofas and fabric sofas. Kind. When using the sofa, it will inevitably cause the sofa to be contaminated because of improper use. At this time, the sofa needs to be cleaned and cleaned. How should the leather sofa cleaning and fabric sofa cleaning be done? Here is the introductions. Sofa cleaning method.

The material used on the surface of the leather sofa is animal leather or artificial leather. The surface of the leather is very smooth, and the texture is fine. Generally, the water can not penetrate, and the ordinary stains are easy to clean. Clean; and sometimes when you encounter stubborn stains, you can choose to use detergents such as detergent to clean. After cleaning the stains, you need to use water to control the original stains again to dilute The laundry remains.
Leather sofas should pay more attention to maintenance. In fact, leather sofas need to be coated with special oil at regular intervals, so that the leather can be fully cured and used for a longer period of time.

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