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How to tell a high quality replica Barcelona chair from a poor quality copy


The small details that make a big difference


          Unfortunately, no matter what the product, demand for low priced alternatives often leads to below par reproduction copies flooding the market. We feel strongly that not only do cheap, poor quality copies of the Barcelona chair fail miserably to do this iconic classic justice, we also believe that their sub standard nature betrays a lot about the characters of the people who both sell and buy them.

          This is why we only supply reasonably priced, high quality reproductions of the Barcelona Chair that closely observe the essence of the original. Our experience is that it simply isn't possible to achieve such premium quality for less. Because we know this, we can confidently state that you will not be able to buy a better quality replica Barcelona chair for less anywhere else. We guarantee it!

         The leather, the stainless steel, the foam, the buttons, the stitching, the straps, the specifications and the labour intensive craftsmanship that goes into creating each and every one of our Barcelona Chairs are all of a premium standard. As purists, we share the same passionate belief as our clients - that these furniture masterpieces and their co-creators, Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, deserve at least that respect.


The six main tell tale differences


          So, how does one tell a cheap copy of the Barcelona Chair from a high quality reproduction such as ours? Thankfully, it’s quite easy to identify between our exquisitely crafted reproductions and cheap copies because most of the differences are glaringly obvious, once you know what you are looking for. The photos on this page depict the high level of quality and originality one should expect from a premium standard reproduction. A high quality replica Barcelona chair should score a 'YES' for each of the questions listed below. If it doesn't then it's simply not, it's just a cheap copy.


1. Are the proportions of the cushions correct?

          One of the most obvious differences between our high quality replica Barcelona chair and inferior models are the proportions of the cushions. The photo at the below shows how the cushion should be in relation to the frame.

replica barcelona chair

          The cushions on cheaper reproductions are often too thick and bulky. As a consequence, they tend to sag and look ungainly as opposed to oozing elegance. The cheap. inferior quality foam used in sub standard reproductions not only creates this undesirable sagging effect, it also feels uncomfortable to sit on as well as looking mis-shapen, therefore reflecting the poor quality of its manufacture.


2. Is the chair upholstered in premium quality Italian leather?

          Low quality Barcelona Chairs are often upholstered with low quality leather. There is simply no comparison between these cheap coverings and the premium quality Italian leather used in the upholstery of our Barcelona chair.

replica barcelona chair

          Premium quality Italian leather is favoured by leather lovers and purists the world over for its luxurious texture and rich colour. Over time they develop a wonderful patina. Patina is the term used to describe the desirable and natural aging effect or breaking-in of the leather that deepens its colour and softness. It also highlights the natural grain of the leather.

3. Is the button and piping detail correct?

          The buttons on the cushions of the Barcelona Chair should be small, measuring approximately the size of a five pence coin. More often than not, the manufacturers of poor quality copies pay little attention to such simple yet telling detail. Oversized buttons, sometimes measuring twice the diameter of what they should are common-place on sub-standard copies of the Barcelona Chair.

replica barcelona chair

          Notice the quality of the piping on the Barcelona Chair image to the left - our Barcelona Chair. On cheap copies the piping is often of poor quality and misaligned, or in some cases missing altogether. As Mies Van der Rohe himself once said "God is in the details." Our nice looking Barcelona Chair embraces the very essence of this most important of statements. 


4. Is the frame made of the correct grade stainless steel and thickness?

          Like the original version, we only use high quality grade 304 solid stainless steel to a thickness of 12mm in the manufacture of our Barcelona Chairs. What's more, our steel is highly finished to give a gleaming, mirror-like finish. Inferior Barcelona Chair manufacturers commonly use cheaper steel, including hollow or much thinner steel. Frames constructed in this way simply do not stand the test of time and either warp, split or break. Cheap copies sometimes apply chrome plate to their sub-standard steel which tends to chip, bubble and flake off.

replica barcelona chair

          So, one way to tell a quality Barcelona Chair is by its weight and the thickness of the frame. Hollow steel gives the poor copy a cheap lightweight feel. Thin frames look weak and spindly. In contrast the thick, 12mm solid steel frame used in our  Barcelona gives the chair a heavy, sturdy look and feel which remains faithful to the Van der Rohe original.


5. Is the foam of the correct thickness and quality?

           Cheap copies of the Barcelona Chair often use recycled foam or a composition of sponge and cotton which quickly deteriorate, causing the cushion to mis-shape and sink. Also, this cheap foam filling is usually not compliant with fire safety legislation due to the fact that it is not flame retardant and can give off poisonous smoke and fumes.

          Our Barcelona Chairs are crafted using high density foam. Not only does this high quality foam filling reflect the stylish look of the Mies Van der Rohe original, it offers, in addition, a premium level of comfort simply unobtainable by using sub-standard materials. The filling used in the cushions on our Barcelona Chairs is premium quality high density urethane foam which is flame retardant and conforms to all EU and UK safety legislation.


6. Do the straps and fastenings conform?

          The support straps used on our Barcelona Chair are thick and substantial, just the way they should be in order to remain strong, durable and highly resistant to stretching. Solidly riveted to the frame, these straps are then wrapped around the metal in such a way as to ensure the rivets are hidden from view. Importantly, the straps are also colour matched with the cushions to achieve a seamless continuity.

          Strong poppers and/or buckles are the two primary fastening mechanisms used in the manufacture of high quality reproduction chairs. The fasteners affix the cushions to the frame, so that it doesn't move about too much. Some cheap copies use neither meaning the cushions are constantly shifting and sliding about on the frame.

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