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swan chair 2 seat sofa-love chair

       The swan not only have chair but also have 2 seat sofa .
       The Swan chair 2 seat sofa is an extended swan chair ,it is designed for the love couple .Just thinking that you and your girl friend or boy friend sit on the swan chair 2 seat sofa watching movie ,drinking coca cola and eating popcorn ,it is a exciting thing ,the swan chair 2 seat sofa makes it romantic .

swan sofa

       Our Swan sofa is a 2 seat version of the swan chair and enjoys the same flowing curves and elegant outline. It combines unique, innovative design and great comfort for relaxation. Along with other Arne Jacobsen icons, it was designed for the suites, lounges and panoramic restaurant of the Radisson SAS Royal hotel in Copenhagen in 1958.
       If you love her ,then give her the swan chair 2 seat sofa .

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