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Three Ideal Furniture Collocation for Living Room

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Description:Living room is the soul for your home space, most people will spend more time and money on its decoration to make it beautiful and practical. As a reference, there are three ideal scene that Yadea think.



Living room carries a lot of important elements of life, and reflect your personality and aesthetic easily. Therefore, when it comes to the choice of furniture, we ought to be more careful. As the center of living space, sofa, chairs, lamps and table determine what style your space is and what it looks like. If you're a experter or hobbyist of decoration or interior design, these issues are not a problem anymore. If not, there are three ideal living room scene for you as a refercence.


Modern Style Apartment in Cold Color

----Modular Freeman Sofa <Rodolfo Dordoni design> 

----Accent Cocktail Table <Design Steve Oh, 2011>



Warm and European Style Small Size Living Room

----Tape chairs, Armchair, Sofa <nendo design>

----Usona Side Table 11445 <UsonaHome>

----Grace Dining Chairs, Armchairs <Emmanuel Gallina (2009)>



Retro Style Country Villa, Classics Will Spread Forever

----Barcelona Chair(Ottoman) <Ludwig Mies van der Rohe 1929>

----Spiers Armchair, Sofa

----Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table <Isamu Noguchi 1994>

----Adjustable Table E1027 <Eileen Gray 1927>


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