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Leather<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r DS016

Leather Lounge Chair DS016

This lounge chair was crafted and launched in 1968. this visually arresting chair features an upholstered cube that seems to float inside an angular flat-bar frame. Thick, loose cushions offer ultra-comfortable seating.
Aster X<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r DC037

Aster X Lounge Chair DC037

The classic lounge chair featured a clear-cut, linear cross-over frame forms an X which supports the seat.
Thin Stainless Steel Frame Tufted Seat<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r KC047B-T

Thin Stainless Steel Frame Tufted Seat Lounge Chair KC047B-T

The thin frame lounge chair is one of the best seller in American market
Milo<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r KC021

Milo Lounge Chair KC021

The modern fabric Milo lounge chair is a premium quality chair for living room.
Modern Thin Frame Tufted Leather<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r KC047-T

Modern Thin Frame Tufted Leather Lounge Chair KC047-T

This modern tufted lounge chair combines a thin, delicate steel frame with a soft, high-quality leather tufted seat.
Thin Frame<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r with Plain Seat KC047-P

Thin Frame Lounge Chair with Plain Seat KC047-P

Thin frame Lounge Chair in brass finish with leather cushions. This is very comfortable and durable living room chair.
Modern Zara Stainless Steel<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r YD081

Modern Zara Stainless Steel Lounge Chair YD081

The Zara Lounge Chair,upholstery is made of genuine aniline leather or Italian leather. High density foam inside makes the chair comfortable and soft. Copper gold color electroplating stainless steel, luxury and fashion. Multipurpose for living room, bedroom, restaurant, hotel, rest room etc.
Aston Modern Lounge chair KC018

Aston Modern Lounge chair KC018

Aston modern lounge chair is a chair that envelopes you, inviting you in, to experience its innate elegance and comfort. Fabric upholstery, powder coated steel legs.The soft padded frame rests on tapered solid ash legs.
High Back Club<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r KC102

High Back Club Lounge Chair KC102

Tufted full leather cushion and solid stainless steel frame. This club-style armless lounge chair gives a nod to midcentury inspiration. It's a classic addition to a living room or den conversation group, but its understated styling would also make it right at home in your office or study. With its sensuous curves, sleek design and flair for the dramatic; the high back club lounge chair will add a bold, contemporary look to any room's decoration.
Replica Gaia High-arm<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r KS009-1

Replica Gaia High-arm Lounge Chair KS009-1

Gaia high-arm lounge chair was designed by Arik Levy in 2008. This premium quality replica gaia high-arm lounge chair is manufactured using Italian leather or Aniline leather or high quality fiber leather on the entire chair, with flat stainless steel. The cushions are removeable, making this modern chair ideal for use in a commercial setting. This refined and solid chair is perfect in an office waiting room, or for use in break out areas within an office environment.
Angles Leather<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r KC034

Angles Leather Lounge Chair KC034

This angles lounge chair features a golden finished steel frame covered with canvas fabric. The cushions are upholstered with full genuine leather. The steel frame and leather cushions are available in different colors, enabling you to choose which best works with your current contemporary furniture.
Imola<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r DC014

Imola Lounge Chair DC014

This Imola lounge chair is made of full leather and high flexible foam which offers comfortable siting and smooth touching. The inner shape was made by fiberglass. The legs are made by stainless steel. The stylish design is good for hotel, home or your modern office room. It also has a ottoman for relaxing your legs.
PP225 Flag Halyard<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r KC020

PP225 Flag Halyard Lounge Chair KC020

PP225 Flag Halyard Lounge Chair.The surfaces of the PP225 chair are made of plaited flag halyard with longhaired sheepskin which can soften the angle of the steel frame and make it comfortable.
Jehs+Laub<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r DC012

Jehs+Laub Lounge Chair DC012

Jehs+Laub Lounge Chair was designed by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub in 2009, Our replica Jehs+Laub Lounge Chair is covered by fabric, with fiberglass body, ottoman with plywood frame, Available with wire base in polished chrome or pedestal base in polished aluminum. You can place the lounge chair in your home and office.
D Lounge Chair Reproduction DS005-1' title='D'Urso Residential Lounge Chair Reproduction DS005-1' />

Lounge Chair Reproduction DS005-1'> D'Urso Residential Lounge Chair Reproduction DS005-1

D'Urso Residential Lounge Chair, designed by Joseph Paul D'Urso in 2008. Defined by a low profile, boldly outlined architectural surrounds and soft interior cushions, upholstered in polyester fabric and hardwood frame and legs, the D’Urso Residential Lounge chair delivers casual modern comfort to any home and is especially well suited to today's more expansive interiors.
FK 87 Grasshopper<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r PC005

FK 87 Grasshopper Lounge Chair PC005

FK 87 Grasshopper chair was designed by Preben Fabricius & Jorgen Kastholm in 1968. This chaise lounge is made by full Italian leather and high quality 304# stainless steel in brushed finish.
Borge Mogensen 2204<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r and Ottoman PV055-1-D

Borge Mogensen 2204 Lounge Chair and Ottoman PV055-1-D

The Mogensen 2204 lounge chair and ottoman was designed by Borge Mogensen, the chair can be upholstered with full italian leather or full aniline leather, the legs are made of solid wood.
Poul Kjarholm PK24<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r PV041

Poul Kjarholm PK24 Lounge Chair PV041

The PK24 lounge chair was designed by Poul Kjarholm , the chair can be upholstered with full top grain italian leather or full aniline leather. The frame is made from solid brushed stainless steel. The seat can be movable to adjust the inclination.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Mr<span class="search_hl"> Lounge Chai</span>r PV622

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Mr Lounge Chair PV622

The Mr lounge chair was designed by Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe in 1927. It is upholstered with full top grain italian leather, the frame is made of shining stainless steel, reliable construction provides durability and stability.
Poul Kjarholm PK22 lounge chair PV222

Poul Kjarholm PK22 lounge chair PV222

The PK22 chair was designed by Poul Kjarholm, The chair is made of full thick top grain leather and brushed solid stainless steel.
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