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<span class="search_hl">Aniline Leat</span>her Togo Sofa KS053

Aniline Leather Togo Sofa KS053

TOGO sofa – A classic collection is renowned for the superior comfort and style. This aniline leather sofa features ergonomic design with multiple density foam construction and quality leather covers, making you generate a visual enjoyment and physically inviting.
Design Furniture Imola Chair by Henrik Pedersen in Brown <span class="search_hl">Aniline Leat</span>her DC014-1-D

Design Furniture Imola Chair by Henrik Pedersen in Brown Aniline Leather DC014-1-D

Imola Chair is the perfect example of our decades-long commitment to design, quality and functionality. A global bestseller tested by you. From the elegant form to the graceful sweeps of its curves, Imola is inspired by the lines of a tennis ball and combined with high-quality construction and materials for sublime comfort. That's why Imola rightly takes its place as a BoConcept Design Icon.
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