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<span class="search_hl">Genuine Leat</span>her Armchair KS012

Genuine Leather Armchair KS012

Genuine Leather Armchair, solid wooden frame with spring on the bottom, flexible and strong enough, Multipurpose for different areas, like living room, lounge area, office, hotel etc. Full genuine leather upholstery. Leather cushions, leather backrests etc, which can make the chairs use for a long time. High flexible foam for the cushions in beautiful shape and offer comfortable seating and durable use. High quality polished stainless steel, modern and luxury.
Bench 3 Seater, Black <span class="search_hl">Genuine Leat</span>her CF605-3

Bench 3 Seater, Black Genuine Leather CF605-3

The Bench now stands as a defining example of modern design. Leather upholstery has matching buttons. Inner frame is solid wood; High Polished #304 full length external stainless steel base frame ensures no chipping or rusting; 100% Genuine Top Grain Premium Soft Aniline Leather, Piping and Buttons; Cushions CA117 fire retardant compliant.
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