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Modern Brown <span class="search_hl">Leather Sofa</span> KS075-3

Modern Brown Leather Sofa KS075-3

Sofa is a common home decor in any living space, but it's also the most important evne can determine the style and collocation of the space. This sofa design developed in 2020 is one of the key to improve your living environment. At first sight it looks less like stereotyped sofa than practical artwork. Of course, the sofa is not only suitable for decorative purpose but also suitable for utility.
202 OTTO Dark Brown <span class="search_hl">Leather Sofa</span> DS004-3T

202 OTTO Dark Brown Leather Sofa DS004-3T

The designer sofa feature classic comfort and elegance that bespeak the minimal, for sake of it worthy, modular structure combines excellent development skill and bespoke upholstery expertise.
Mid-Century Modern Sven Charme Tan <span class="search_hl">Leather Sofa</span> KS024-3

Mid-Century Modern Sven Charme Tan Leather Sofa KS024-3

A most popular and special sofa, there are reasons why consumers furnish the house with the sofa. This modern take on a mid-century classic features clean lines, a tufted benchseat, and two luxuriously stuffed back cushions.
Timber Charme Tan <span class="search_hl">Leather Sofa</span> KS071-3

Timber Charme Tan Leather Sofa KS071-3

An oak wooden trim and voluptuous leather cushions define this sofa with an updated mid-century modern style. Sink into the feather filled cushions and relax
LC3 Corner <span class="search_hl">Leather Sofa</span> CF033

LC3 Corner Leather Sofa CF033

Modern classic design LC3 corner sofa inspired by Le Corbusier. This leather sectional sofa is grouped by two parts.High quality Italian leather and Aniline leather covering, same leather on the piping. All visible parts are made in genuine leather.Industrial grade of stainless steel frame with polishing finish make this LC3 corner sofa very strong. Cushions are made in full high resilient foam, no cheap wood frame inside.Extremely comfortable designer sofa, stunning look and
Modern <span class="search_hl">Leather Sofa</span> with Stainless Steel Frame KS014

Modern Leather Sofa with Stainless Steel Frame KS014

The amazing leather armchair is an icon design in the living room, and this armchair has an attractive look for its square profile of frame on the side. The thick and extremely comfortable cushion on the chair is very impressive. This premium quality armchair is manufactured using Italian leather or Aniline leather or high quality fiber leather on the armchair, with stainless steel. The cushions are durable, making this armchair ideal for use in a commercial setting.
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