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[News]When is the best time to buy furniture?[ 2020-09-22 09:27 ]
Regardless of what your reason may be for wanting new furniture, be strategic about when you purchase new items to revamp your home without breaking the bank.So, when is the best time to buy furniture?
[News]Beauty in Details - Milo Lounge Chair[ 2018-07-25 14:19 ]
Modern furniture is already a mature industry, has vast market all over the world, which is a good new for consumer. Because it means we can easily buy furnitures we want, and there will be more choices and collocation.
[News]Cheap Premium Leather Furniture FK 87 Grasshopper Lounge Chair[ 2015-11-17 15:35 ]
FK 87 Grasshopper lounge chair is designed by Preben Fabricius & Jorgen Kastholm in 1968,can be used for home furniture, hotel furniture, Yadea Furniture can supply premium replica loung chair with 2 years'Warranty.Buy furniture from Yadea Furniture factory in China.
[News]Preben Fabricius & Jorgen Kastholm Design Furniture Chairs[ 2015-08-28 16:41 ]
Preben Fabricius & Jorgen Kastholm Design Furniture Chairs FK 6720 armchair,FK 87 Grasshopper chair,with full italian leather or aniline leather upholstery, solid stainless steel in brushed finish, buy furniture online from manufacture owners in China.
[News]How judge a Mid-century furniture Reproduction for quality?[ 2014-10-21 10:12 ]
Nowadays, more and more people tend to buy furniture directly from the factory because of the high quality and relatively lower price compare to the s...
[News]Shop the Florence Knoll Sofa oline is More and More Popular[ 2013-08-20 00:42 ]
Shop online is a fashionable trend .More and more people like to buy things online ,including buy furniture .And shop the Florence Knoll sofa is more and more popular .Shop the Florence Knoll sofa online is very convinient.
[News]Where to buy furniture in Beijing?[ 2013-08-13 23:24 ]
Where to buy furniture in Beijing? So many foreigners have this question when come to Beijing. Expect they are new to Beijing and are trying to find furniture for their house.There are few western style furniture stores in Beijing, if you want buy some chairs over carpets to cabinets, antique to modern furniture and deco for your interior, it’s so difficult.
[News]Florence Knoll Sofa Online[ 2013-08-13 02:14 ]
To buy furniture will cost a large mount of money especially like the Florence Knoll Sofa ,so most of us are afraid to buy furniture online ,worry about the quality and the after service .But I want to tell you that if you want to buy the Florence Knoll Sofa online you should visit the site .
[News]Buy furniture online is so convenient!-two part[ 2013-07-24 20:25 ]
. Online furniture stores often have to deal with high volumes of orders so tend to be well stocked and if they do not have something in stock it is easy to try somewhere else.
[News]Buy furniture online is so convenient!-one part[ 2013-07-24 20:23 ]
If you intend to buy furniture online you will often be dealing with companies that do not have a physical brick and mortar store, this means lower overheads that enable them to reduce the price that you pay.
[News]Is the Eames Lounge Chair Comfortable[ 2013-07-18 02:14 ]
Is the Eames Lounge Chair comfortable ?That’s the question .Anyone buy furniture home want to buy comfort ,so ,you must consider the problem that is the Eames Lounge Chair comfortable .Yadea can promise you that the Eames Lounge Chair is very comfortable .
[News]The Best Places To Buy Furniture In ShenZhen[ 2012-12-09 00:31 ]
If you’re looking for the best places to buy furniture in ShenZhen,or buy furniture online in shenzhen, the best company is China's a good place to buy the modern classic furniture.
[News]Where to buy furniture in Shanghai ?[ 2012-11-09 01:44 ]
Where to buy furniture in Shanghai? I want buy some modern furniture for my house. I like eames lounge chair, barcelona chair le corbusier sofa and a piece of marble tulip table.Where can I go to look for furniture, besides IKEA. I have no interest in IKEA furniture.
[News]Buy furniture online in HongKong[ 2012-09-29 00:55 ]
Buy furniture online in HongKong.If you want some some modern furniture for your home or office,i suggest you read this article.Many living HongKong's people buy the modern furniture from ShenZhen right now.beacuse the ShenZhen is near the HongKong, so it is very conveninent, and the price is so cheaper then the HongKong. i was bought some chairs and tables lamps from China Yadea,the products is great. Maybe worth a try.
[News]Where to buy furniture in Shenzhen?[ 2012-07-23 07:12 ]
                  Living in Shenzhen, it's amazing how many locals and expats still don't know of any good furniture market in Shenzhen to shop for good quality interior desi...
[News]which is best place to buy furniture for restaurent for cheap and good in Shenzhen?[ 2012-07-10 09:43 ]
shenzhen furniture,shenzhen Furniture store,Furniture Manufacturer in shenzhen,shenzhen furniture shopping experience,which is best place to buy furniture for home and restaurent for cheap and good in Shenzhen.
[News]How can I buy furniture direct from manufacturers in the china ?[ 2012-06-10 20:24 ]
How can I buy furniture direct from manufacturers in the china ? yes, you can have a look China Yadea ,they will help u answer your any question.I heard that furniture is oftentimes sourced and made in China. I was wondering how to go about finding reputable wholesale dealers that could ship furniture to me for a home.Some years ago, I had to go to Yadea, China. They had many dearlers all over the world.
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