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[News]Yadea is one of the leading manufacturer of modern and classic furniture[ 2012-12-25 09:01 ]
We Yadea Furniture is one of the leading manufacturer of modern and classic furniture and Stainless Steel furniture in Shenzhen,China.Our factory manufacture modern and classic furniture,Stainless Steel Furniture,coffee table, barcelona bench and Stainless Steel Glass Furniture.Modern Furniture is regard as one of the most modern, fashionable in the world. It is more and more popular in Europe and USA.
[News]New products - Shenzhen Yadea Furniture Co., Ltd.[ 2012-12-25 08:40 ]
This Kevin from Shenzhen Yadea Furniture Co., Ltd. we shall be pleased to establish direct business relations with you.our lines are mainly modern classic furniture, china Shenzhen furniture, Jacobsen egg chair, Jacobsen swan chair, Barcelona White Chair, Eames leather lounge chair and ottoman, the classic Florence Knoll Sofa, Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge chair, Stainless Steel furniture, and wholesale china furniture.
[News]Barcelona chair in full leather manufacturer[ 2012-12-21 23:59 ]
We are a Barcelona chair in full leather manufacturer from china that provider for iconic pieces including Barcelona chair, Eames chair, Corbusier furniture, and more,and one of the Modern Designer Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier in china,offers you many of Barcelona chair in full leather,Lounge Chairs.Get top quality Barcelona chair reproduction and modern classic furniture reproductions at
[News]Im looking into buying furniture online in shenzhen[ 2012-12-19 00:19 ]
Im looking into buying furniture online in shenzhen,specifically I'm looking some famous designer classic furniture,Can anyone recommend any areas in Shenzhen or warehouses etc.. where to go?
[News]Mid Century Modern Classic Furniture and Modern Classic Reproductions Furniture[ 2012-12-17 19:43 ]
Mid Century Modern Classic Furniture is mostly include the 1942-1960 designs. The famous Mid Century Modern Classic Furniture and Modern Classic Reproductions Furniture such as, Barcelona chair, Marcel Breuer's Wassily Chair, Eileen Gray side table, Noguchi coffee table, Egg chair, Swan chair, Le corbusier sofa, knoll sofa, Panton chair and tulip chair.
[News]Caring for florence knoll leather sofa[ 2012-12-17 19:03 ]
Florence knoll leather sofa designed by Florence Knoll, the florence knoll leather sofa is a classic furniture design that rooted in England in the 17th century. The florence knoll leather sofa cushions are made of an Italian leather and the florence knoll leather sofa legs are made of bright stainless steel. This form of florence knoll leather sofa furniture design features side arms and considerable depth of seating.
[News]Where to buy high quality modern furniture in Shanghai ?[ 2012-12-14 02:46 ]
Where to buy high quality modern furniture in Shanghai? If you are looking for custom made furniture please check this out.China Yadea provide full range of modern classic furniture like Barcelona chair, LC2,3, 4, Eames lounge, Egg chair, swan chair and Y chair etc.
[News]Why You'll Love Modern Classic Furniture (PART FIVE)[ 2012-12-11 01:57 ]
Why You'll Love Modern Classic Furniture.How To Taking Care of Fabrics.
[News]The Best Places To Buy Furniture In ShenZhen[ 2012-12-09 00:31 ]
If you’re looking for the best places to buy furniture in ShenZhen,or buy furniture online in shenzhen, the best company is China's a good place to buy the modern classic furniture.
[News]Marcel Breuer – Design and Architecture exhibition[ 2012-11-30 02:44 ]
Marcel Breuer,tubular steel framed furniture,Yadea design classic furniture - China Yadea Furniture Factory.As the inventor of tubular steel framed furniture,Breuer broke new ground with his radical approach to materials and their application.Marcel Breuer – Design and Architecture exhibition.
[News]Home Office Furniture[ 2012-11-25 19:46 ]
Replica Barcelona Chair in Full Leather and get the Best Deal. Our high quality Barcelona chair in black full leather,Yadea, as a furniture manufacturer, supplies Knoll Barcelona chair from china, specialized in modern classic furniture, home office furniture, hotel furniture, office sofas.and the Barceloan chair chair covered with full italian leather.
[News]Add Mystique to Your Living Room- Modern Classic Furniture[ 2012-10-30 02:20 ]
We often hear the word modern classic furniture and contemporary furniture.
[News]Select Right Modern Classic Furniture For Your Home[ 2012-10-10 19:17 ]
Select Right Modern Classic Furniture For Your Home.Read these tips that they will help you choose the right modern classic furniture for each of your spaces.
[News]Buy Marcel Breuer's Wassily Chair from factory directly[ 2012-09-10 01:50 ]
Buy Marcel Breuer's Wassily Chair from factory directly,China Yadea is a modern classic furniture company,founded in 1998. We can produce the reproduction marcel breuer's wassily chair. Welcome to buy marcel breuer's wassily chair from us factory directly.
[News]Le Corbusier LC2 Armchair and Sofa Seen on TV[ 2012-08-30 02:25 ]
Le Corbusier LC2 Armchair and Sofa Seen on TV, Le Corbusier LC2 Armchair loveseater and Sofa By Le Corbusier.There is no doubt that modern classic furniture with its sleek and clean profile such as Le Corbusier LC2 Armchair and Sofa, Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman, Saarinen Tulip Series, Jacobsen Egg Chair and many more classic timeless designs.
[News]Iconic Barcelona chair[ 2012-08-26 10:16 ]
Iconic Barcelona chair and ottoman in full high quality aniline leather is very popular with classic furniture addicts.Finest quality modern Barcelona chair inspired by Mies Van De Rohe. Available in Black, White or Chocolate Brown and in either full aniline soft leather.
[News]Modern and Contemporary Furniture[ 2012-08-21 00:23 ]
Modern and Contemporary – These are 2 commonly heard design themes that a lot of people had used for their homes,Modern Classic furnitures such as Carl Hansen & Son’s CH07 Shell Chair designed in 1963 by Danish Designer Hans Wegner.Modern Classic Hans Wegner Shell Chair in a Contemporary Lounge,Barcelona Chair in a Contemporary Living Room.The themes Modern and Contemporary are often used interchangeably.
[News]Hans J. Wegner CH07 Shell Chair Designed by Carl Hansen & Son in 1963[ 2012-08-15 01:51 ]
The Hans J. Wegner CH07 Shell Chair is one of Hans Wegner's most iconic chairs, China Yadea can produce the modern classic furniture, such as the replica Wegner Shell chair, Hans Wegner's CH07 Shell Chair,also known as the Smiling Chair, is renowned for its timeless style and its generous comfort.The Hans J. Wegner CH07 Shell Chair is often given a prominent location so that it can be admired from all sides. The chair is absolutely stable even though it only has three legs.
[News]Modern classic furniture: Le Corbusier sofa[ 2012-08-11 22:58 ]
Modern classic furniture: Le Corbusier sofa,it can be suitable for use in wide range of our modern life, such as office, home supplies, and hotel and so on.
[News]You Won't Miss It-Eames Leather Lounge Chair and ottoman Is Everywhere(Part Two)[ 2012-08-04 23:45 ]
         However, the Eames leather lounge chair and ottoman not only been adopted in movies, also been adopted in business and collections:     Eames Series of US stamp   Modern classic furnitu...''tMissIt-Eame_1.html3
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