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[News]The Eileen Gray E1027 Side Table[ 2017-07-03 11:23 ]
But the point is that Eileen Gray’s E1027 side table was designed to do everything else. And what’s even more amazing? This miraculously modern table was created over 80 years ago.
[News]Adjustable Table E1027-A Modern Coffee Table[ 2013-09-23 17:19 ]
In photographs of the house, the Adjustable Table E1027 (1927) is shown being used next to a bed, but it is also wonderfully suited for use next to a sofa or chair. This table is included in the permanent collection of MoMA in New York. The production of this table is authorized by the World License Holder, Aram Designs Ltd. Made in Italy.
[News]The Full Story about E1027[ 2013-09-21 11:29 ]
Eileen Gray End Table Designed in 1927, the height-adjustable, chrome and glass E1027 is one of Eileen Gray’s most rational designs, reflecting her desire for pure, functional perfection.
[News]Eileen Gray and Table E1027[ 2013-09-21 10:56 ]
Gray also designed the furniture for this house, which they named E.1027 to reflect the collaborative nature of the project.
[News]Eileen Gray Table and Eileen Gray Adjustable Table E1027[ 2012-11-14 05:25 ]
Our Reproduction of the Eileen Gray Table meets the architectural specifications of the original. This High Quality Replica of the Eileen Gray Table features Top quality stainless steel, which is fully welded through the top bar and extends through it for exceptional durability, Tempered Glass and Adjustable Height Positions.
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