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[News]Differences between Modern Furniture and Classic Furniture-part one[ 2013-09-26 16:19 ]
You have heard much about the terms Classic Furniture and Modern Furniture, but do you know what differentiates them? For the experienced homeowners, they will have some knowledge of the two. However, for the benefit of new homeowners, we shall look at some of the differences......
[News]Modern Furniture or Classic Furniture for Your Modern Home[ 2013-09-26 16:14 ]
There are several points of differences between the classic furniture and modern furniture. Actually it is not hard to differentiate the too because by merely looking at them you can already pin point the difference.
[News]Modernize your Home with Modern Furniture[ 2013-09-18 16:53 ]
There is no uncertainty that furniture items are among the most essential elements in any domicile. It is quite hard to visualize a living room that does not have any furniture. Aside from its functionality adding to the decorative attributes of your house, it also expresses your tastefulness and flair to guests. Various furnishings are also meant to address issues in interior design.
[News]Replica Brno Chair[ 2013-09-17 09:42 ]
The Brno Chair, originally designed by Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe, has become a modern furniture classic.Reproduced in the style of the original design; the replica Brno Chair's clean and elegant lines are cleverly created from a single, highly polished stainless steel frame; bent to support the back, create the arms and form a cantilever. Finished in upholstered Italian leather, quality rarely comes at a price like this.
[News]Modern Furniture-Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa[ 2013-08-31 10:31 ]
The Le Corbusier LC2 sofa a modern classic styled retro designer sofa for the home or office. Made from 100% soft Italian leather with comfortable cushions and solid polished steel tubular construction.
[News]Where do I begin on starting a modern furniture business?[ 2013-08-20 01:07 ]
Where do I begin on starting a modern furniture business ?The people who want to start their modern classic business at the first time may ask the question .The answer from me is that you must know well about the modern furniture first .Next I will introduce some fashionable modern furniture for you .
[News]Does Anyone Know Any Good Websites for Pictures of Really Modern Furniture?[ 2013-08-20 00:55 ]
Modern furniture is a symbol of fashion ,and many people who pursue fashion more like to use the modern furniture decorate their home .Some of them want to ask does anyone know any good websites for pictures of really modern furniture? The answer of mine is .Anyone who is interested the modern furniture should have a visit .
[News]The Flornece Knoll Sofa is Very Popular in 2013[ 2013-08-16 02:07 ]
The Florence Knoll sofa is a kind of modern furniture and it is very popular by people around the world in 2013.
[News]Where to buy furniture in Beijing?[ 2013-08-13 23:24 ]
Where to buy furniture in Beijing? So many foreigners have this question when come to Beijing. Expect they are new to Beijing and are trying to find furniture for their house.There are few western style furniture stores in Beijing, if you want buy some chairs over carpets to cabinets, antique to modern furniture and deco for your interior, it’s so difficult.
[News]Which Modern Furniture Your Office is lack of ?[ 2013-08-01 02:28 ]
Your office has so many office chairs to full of ,whether your office need a kind of modern furniture to decorate ?Which modern furniture your office is lack of ?
[News]Where Should You Place Your Swan Chair[ 2013-08-01 01:55 ]
The swan chair is a kind of modern classic furniture ,which looks fashionable and classic ,so where should you place your swan chair when you take it home ?Actually ,the swan chair is modern and classic ,whether you like modern furniture or classic furniture you can choose it .
[News]Where to Buy Swan Chair in Shenzhen[ 2013-07-29 02:16 ]
The swan chair designed by Denmark architect Arne Jacobsen in 1958 ,so you may want to ask could I buy swan chair in Shenzhen ?where to buy swan chair in Shenzhen ?Let me tell you the answer .There are many modern furniture suppliers in Shenzhen ,but you should go to China Yadea buy the chair.
[News]Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman[ 2013-07-25 00:20 ]
Combining imagination and thought, art and science, Charles and Ray Eames created some of the most influential expressions of 20th century design – furniture that remains stylish, fresh and functional today. Created in 1956, Eames Lounge Chair with ottoman is now a classic in the history of modern furniture.
[News]Buy Mid-Century Modern Furniture[ 2013-07-23 19:21 ]
I want Buy Mid-Century Modern Furniture for my new house, I will move to Shanghai from HK with my family, and need some new Mid-Century Modern Furniture to decorate the home. The Mid-Century Modern Furniture its most include: Charles and Ray Eames designs, Le Corbusier designs, Arne Jacobsen designs, Fritz Hansen designs, Hans Wegner designs and Eero Saarinen designs.
[News]Visit our show room online[ 2013-07-09 03:56 ]
Our show room have many newest modern furniture simples ,visit it online
[News]Danish modern furniture,Lounge Chairs - Hans Wegner GE 290 Easy Chair is also known as the Plank Chair[ 2013-05-08 22:02 ]
Danish modern furniture,Lounge Chairs - Hans Wegner GE 290 Easy Chair is also known as the Plank Chair. This Plank Chair is very comfortable and ergonomic. Our Danish modern furniture - Hans Wegner Plank Chair is made of beech or oak frame with fabric cushions, the seat cushion is also can upholstered in leather. This chair have a variety of colors for your choose.
[News]China exporter focusing on own market[ 2012-12-25 12:52 ]
Europe classic furniture manufacturer,Chinese modern furniture,classic furniture manufacturer, Shenzhen Yadea furniture co.,Ltd is a professional designer and classic furniture exporter in China, which covers around 39,000 square meters including workshops, warehouses and showrooms.Our company specializes in middle and high class furniture. We can manufacture kinds of modern furniture. We have employed experienced designers, whose design is creative. We appreciate your determined support.
[News]Yadea is one of the leading manufacturer of modern and classic furniture[ 2012-12-25 09:01 ]
We Yadea Furniture is one of the leading manufacturer of modern and classic furniture and Stainless Steel furniture in Shenzhen,China.Our factory manufacture modern and classic furniture,Stainless Steel Furniture,coffee table, barcelona bench and Stainless Steel Glass Furniture.Modern Furniture is regard as one of the most modern, fashionable in the world. It is more and more popular in Europe and USA.
[News]How To Buy Cheap Modern Furniture of Good Quality?[ 2012-12-17 05:24 ]
Modern furniture are rising accordingly since theoutdoorliving is bcoming more and more popular, If you prefer to choose a real store rather than shopping online, maybe you can visit some resale store and those unfinishing Modern Furniture stores as well.
[News]Where to buy high quality modern furniture in Shanghai ?[ 2012-12-14 02:46 ]
Where to buy high quality modern furniture in Shanghai? If you are looking for custom made furniture please check this out.China Yadea provide full range of modern classic furniture like Barcelona chair, LC2,3, 4, Eames lounge, Egg chair, swan chair and Y chair etc.
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