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2 On-Trend Velvet Sofas to Refresh Your Living Room[ 2020-04-23 ]
Velvet has been popping up everywhere the past few months — from fashion to accessories (hello velvet choker everyone, including me, is rocking on the reg.) to home decor.
2 Leather Chairs That Your Home Needs[ 2020-04-22 ]
Like marble and books and wood floors, some interior decor will always be in style. Leather is definitely one of those classic mediums that will always match in your home.
Tips for Selecting A Cozy Lounge Chair[ 2020-04-21 ]
The real reason you choose an upholstered chair: comfort. Yes, style matters—you need the chair to fit into your home decor
How Do You Keep Your Leather Sofa Clean?[ 2020-04-20 ]
The sofa is one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture at home. It endures a lot of wear and tear.
Why the world is obsessed with modern design[ 2020-04-17 ]
Turn on The Daily Show and you'll see the guests sitting in classic Knoll office chairs. If you dine in a contemporary restaurant tonight, there's a good chance you'll be seated in a chair that was designed in the 1950s
How to Create A Cozy Living Room?[ 2020-04-16 ]
Is your living room functional but not as inviting as you’d like? Don’t fret. There are several simple ways to make it feel more like a room you actually want to hang out in.
What Should You Consider When Shopping for a Leather Sofa?[ 2020-04-15 ]
All our experts agree you need to sit on your sofa before you buy it. Sit test it, even if you have to fly.
3 Metal-Frame Lounge Chair We’re Enjoying[ 2020-04-14 ]
Recently, trade and retail brands have debuted compelling metal-frame lounge chairs paired with sumptuous velvet, linen, and leather upholstery.
Do you know what is leather?[ 2020-04-13 ]
The true leather sofa of each set consumes the equivalent of 10 cows' cowhide. It has high value, good ventilation and environmental protection performance.
What are the materials for the lounge chair?[ 2020-04-10 ]
Lounge chair used more frequently in people's lives, as we bring the convenience of life. However, the styles and materials used in different occasions will be different.
How to Clean the Linen Sofa Cushion?[ 2020-04-08 ]
The linen sofa cover has a relatively rough style, and the moisture absorption and breathability are very good, giving a comfortable and pleasant feeling.
How to Choose a Suitable Bed?[ 2020-04-07 ]
Modern Bed types include double beds, single beds, sofa beds, rollaway beds, children's beds and more.
The difference between full leather and half leather[ 2020-04-03 ]
The leather sofas currently on the market are mainly leather sofas and main leather sofas (half leather sofas).
Fabric Sofa Cleaning Tips[ 2020-04-02 ]
The sofa is where people rest. Good sofas sit and feel comfortable and can relax people's feelings. However, there will always be some dust and stains on the fabric sofa for a long time.
How Much Do You Know about Modern & Contemporary Furniture[ 2020-03-30 ]
As a branch of furniture, modern & contemporary furniture become more and more important and necessary to most people, especially for those who is going to furnishing their new house.
Find A Suitable Modern Sofa For Your living Room[ 2019-12-25 ]
When you're planning to furnishing your living room. There are so many factors you should take care seriously, like the style, furniture, and other decorations.
What makes modern contemporary sofa more comfortable?[ 2019-08-26 ]
Like music, sofa has its own history flavor, some just like classic Jazz, some like Blues, affectionate and fascinating. And now let’s talk about “Pop Song”, aka modern contemporary sofa. If music were all about melody, sofa pay more attention to comfort that is one of reason why you buy the sofa for your house.
Where do you use to buy leather sofa?[ 2019-08-19 ]
If you like some leather sofas of new design in an affordable price, you could buy them from Chinese modern furniture factory to satisfy your demand. Like the Emin leather sofa, which is developing by Yadea.
The Most Remarkable Mid Century Modern Sofa Reproductions in China[ 2019-07-29 ]
Before making an introduction, what we want you learn is that Yadea is not just a unknown replica furniture online store but also we provide all kinds of mid-century modern furniture for the distributors all over the world. We’re proud to say that Yadea is one of the best living room furniture manufacturer in China even the world.
Several Comfy Modern Accent Chairs Designed in 21st century[ 2019-07-25 ]
In the recent year, many furniture dealers have developed many types of living room modern furniture of new design for themselves to stimulate sales.
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