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The Womb Chair and Ottoman[ 2012-02-29 ]
The Womb Chair and Ottoman originally designed by Eero Saarinen continues to be one of the most recognized representations of mid-century modernism.
Yadea core products: Barcelona chair[ 2012-02-29 ]
Finest quality modern Barcelona chair inspired by Mies Van De Rohe,Barcelona chair available in Black, White or Chocolate Brown and in either full aniline soft leather.
The Benefits of the Eames lounge chair and ottoman[ 2012-02-29 ]
The Benefits of the Eames lounge chair and ottoman is that Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Rosewood / Black Aniline Leather - Superior Version.
The Advantages Of Having a Florence knoll sofas[ 2012-02-29 ]
The Advantages Of Having a Florence knoll sofas,Yadea is a professional manufacturer who sell the Florence Knoll Sofa , and we can provide high-quality the modern classic Florence Knoll sofa.
Things to Consider when buying a sofa[ 2012-02-29 ]
From the traditional hardwood box frame construction to the Premium Full Grain Aniline Italian Leather, you will not find a higher quality reproduction of the Florence Knoll Sofa. Available in individual pieces or the entire Sofa, Love and Chair set.
Colorful office chairs[ 2012-02-28 ]
Office chairs?designed by famous designer: Charles and Ray Eames, is regarded as the permanent collection in many museums.
Classic match:Egg chair and Arne Jacobsen Coffee Table[ 2012-02-28 ]
Classic match:Egg chair and Arne Jacobsen Coffee Table,Full Aniline Italian Leather. This Egg chair reproduction is a sculptural masterpiece.
The Barcelona Chair (PART FIVE)[ 2012-02-27 ]
The Barcelona Chair inspired by Mies Van De Rohe. Available in Black, White or Chocolate Brown and in either full aniline soft leather.Four most popular Barcelona Chair colors:red,balck,beige and dark brown.
The Barcelona Chair (PART FOUR)[ 2012-02-27 ]
Yadea's beautifully crafted Barcelona chair, competitively priced whilst remaining true to the Mies van der Rohe original classic Barcelona Chair in every aspect of likeness and quality.
The Barcelona Chair (PART THREE)[ 2012-02-27 ]
The Barcelona Chair features:Buttons are smaller but same size as original. The button is fixed by a more durable cotton thread to make sure it will not come off while looks.
The Barcelona Chair (PART TWO)[ 2012-02-27 ]
An icon of modernism, the Barcelona chair's design was inspired by the campaign and folding chairs of ancient times. It features the pure compositional structure that now epitomizes Modern architecture.
modern furniture manufacturer (Two)[ 2012-02-26 ]
Please compare our original copy of swan chair with our old swan chair.
modern furniture manufacturer[ 2012-02-26 ]
Yadea Furniture, based in shenzhen, is a modern furniture manufacturer that has a vast selection of products. Our best sellers: Swan chair, egg chair, Barcelona chair, eames lounge chair, womb chair, knoll sofa, LC2, LC3, LC4…
Le Corbusier chaise lounge chair[ 2012-02-26 ]
The Le Corbusier chaise lounge chair, made in 1928 with Pierre Jeanneret (his cousin) and Charlotte Perriand, has been dubbed the ultimate "relaxing machine" by Le Corbusier himself.
Elegant Swan Chair: A symbol of Radisson sas royal hotel[ 2012-02-22 ]
Swan chairs is regarded as classic design, however the time will go on.Therfore, its natural texture of material and beauty lines of body was being the symbol of Modernism style.
Good Furniture: Buying Lounge Bedroom Furniture(Part Three)[ 2012-02-21 ]
How to Identify Genuine Good Furniture
Good Furniture: Buying Lounge Bedroom Furniture(Part Two)[ 2012-02-21 ]
You can tell real wood from its smell, its feel and the glow that only comes from well oiled or waxed hardwood. Leather has its own feel and smell, although it's not so much the leather that counts, but its quality. Many types of leather are so thin that you can easily stick your fingers through them - and don't believe anybody that sells you furniture saying that it cannot be damaged.
Good Furniture: Buying Lounge Bedroom Furniture(Part One)[ 2012-02-21 ]
The benefits of good furniture such as fine bedroom furniture and lounge furniture lie not only in its durability, but also in the way people perceive you when they visit your home. You may have done it yourself when visiting: looked at the furniture and drew an opinion on your hosts according to their choice.
Dining Table - What to Consider When Buying a Dining Table[ 2012-02-21 ]
The living room is the heart of any home. This is a place where family, friends and guests mingle together. This is why its dining table is important to create the right ambiance and mood for smooth flowing social interactions. Here are three simple tips from modern furniture suppliers on how you can create the right mood by choosing the correct dining table.
China:Modern Contemporary Furniture[ 2012-02-21 ]
Modern contemporary furniture focuses on functional but practical designs. Here you have a line of design that is sleek and in some ways even futuristic.
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