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Where to look for Hotel furniture Swan Chair


Originally designed by prolific furniture designer and architect, Arne Jacobsen in 1958, this reproduction Swan Chair was originally specified for the illustrious SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen. Today, the Swan chair is considered a prime example of Arne Jacobsen’s creative force. 


Swan Chair Replica 


The Swan chair is most identifiable by its generous, embracing curves and its design correlation with the Egg Chair by the Swans more open structure, additional chair depth and arms that project like wings.


The whole single reinforced fiberglass is made in an attractive swan shape, attached comfortable foam to make it relaxed when sitting.


Two entire pieces of fabric are covered on the shell to make the swan chair in the wonderful flowing line and curving. 


Good for Health: The organic design of this swan chair could do well with your body. And we make some little holes on the fiberglass for body breathe.


Four-Star aluminum base in satin finish, with sturdy plastic pads to protect the floor from the scratching.


Swan Chair Replica

Keywords in the article: The Swan chair is considered a prime example of Arne Jacobsen’s creative force.

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