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The Full Story about E1027

     Designed in 1927, the height-adjustable, chrome and glass E1027 is one of Eileen Gray’s most rational designs, reflecting her desire for pure, functional perfection. In this case, the desired function was to provide a convenient spot for Gray’s sister, who loved breakfast in bed, to set her bedside tray. Gray’s original table was just one of the furnishings she designed for her famous E1027 house overlooking the Mediterranean. Like the others, it languished in near-obscurity until the late 1960’s, when the all-but-forgotten designer came into vogue again and her best-loved pieces put back into production.

     Even over the course of the past 40 years, there has not been a table designed that matches the elegance and versatility of the E1027. It remains an easy and affordable way to add a true design classic to almost any home. The only question is, where will you put it? By a favourite chair? Next to your bed? At the office? When a table has as many uses as the E1027, the only solution may be to buy more than one.

The Full Story about Eileen Gray End Table

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